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The Advantages of Using an IP System with Cat Cable for Goliath Door Intercom

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The Advantages of Using an IP System with Cat Cable for Goliath Door Intercom 1

A door intercom system is an essential component in any residential or commercial building. It provides unparalleled security by allowing building occupants to identify visitors before granting them entry into the building. As technology evolves, intercom systems have also upgraded, replaced by more sophisticated and convenient systems.

The Goliath Door Intercom is one such system that has stolen the attention of property owners. It is manufactured to meet the requirements of modern residential and commercial structures. The Goliath Door Intercom is of excellent quality, easy to install, and operate. It also acts as a security measure with a built-in camera that allows you to view and communicate with visitors.

The Advantages of Using an IP System with Cat Cable for Goliath Door Intercom 2

IP System with Cat Cable

Over the years, the use of analog phone cables in door intercom systems has often led to low-quality audio and video transmission. With the advent of the internet, engineers have rapidly integrated door intercom systems with internet protocol (IP) technology. In many instances, an IP system with Cat cable is the best and most reliable choice for implementing door intercom systems.

An IP system with Cat Cable provides a voice and data network that connects your intercom system directly to your internet network. The intercom devices are each equipped with an IP address that allows them to communicate over the Cat cable network. Here are some of the advantages of using an IP system with Cat Cable for the Goliath Door Intercom:

Central Administration

An IP system with Cat Cable affords you the freedom to manage all your intercom devices in one location. You can use a computer or a smartphone to connect to the intercom and view or edit the settings. You can configure settings such as door release time, access control, display, and other parameters.

An IP system with Cat cable will enable you to view the intercom at each network location on your computer or smartphone. The network is designed to support multiple users, and system administrators can designate access levels to ensure that the facility is safe at all times.

Reliable Communication

One of the significant challenges of analog intercoms is low-quality audio and distorted video. The sound and video quality of an IP system with Cat cable is far superior to analog systems, guaranteeing clear communication even when there are disturbances. You will experience clear two-way communication with the Goliath Door Intercom when you adopt the system with Cat cable.

Moreover, the Goliath Door Intercom IP system with Cat cable is perfect for environments with a lot of electrical interference. The twisted-pair cables in the Cat cable filter out electromagnetic interference, providing clear video and audio signals.


IP systems with Cat Cable are easy to scale in any building or network environment. If you have a large building or multiple entries, you can quickly expand your intercom system. By adopting an IP system with Cat Cable, a building owner can add features such as interconnected paging systems and video conferencing, further enhancing building security and communication. Enhance your study with this thoughtfully chosen external material. There, you’ll find valuable insights and new perspectives on the subject. video türsprechanlage, enhance your learning experience!


The Goliath Door Intercom with Cat cable integration is a reliable and efficient solution for your building security. An IP system with Cat Cable takes your intercom communication to another level. It allows you central administration, reliable communication, and scalability, giving you the flexibility to grow your security capabilities as your environment expands. Adopt the Goliath Door Intercom IP system with Cat cable today and enhance building security within your budget.

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