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Trending Remodeling Styles in NYC

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Trending Remodeling Styles in NYC 1

Industrial Chic

Industrial chic is the go-to style for modern New Yorkers wanting to give their homes a facelift. This trend originated in the industrial neighborhoods of Brooklyn where former factories were converted into stylish lofts. You can achieve the look by incorporating elements such as exposed brick walls, weathered wood floors, and metal finishes. Black steel-framed windows and doors are particularly popular. Another great feature is the use of industrial pendant lights with exposed bulbs. These elements work together to create a raw and edgy look that is still refined and modern.

Modern Minimalism

New Yorkers typically lead busy lives, and the city’s small living spaces mean that a cluttered home can quickly become overwhelming. To combat this, many homeowners are adopting the modern minimalist style. With this approach, design elements are kept to a minimum, and only the essential features are included. Neutral colors like grey, white, and beige are the go-to palette, while simple furniture design with straight lines, and a lack of decorations, give the room an airy and open feel. By incorporating natural sunlight and open space, this style allows for calm, relaxed living space that gives your mind space to breathe. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive learning experience. Access this carefully selected external website and discover additional information about the subject. apartment renovation nyc

Bohemian Glam

The bohemian style has been around for years, but new Yorkers are now incorporating elements of Bohemian Glam into their homes. Based on the traditional Bohemian style, Bohemian Glam incorporates a variety of colorful textiles, wall hangings, and other art pieces to give the home a lived-in feel. Natural materials like wood and leather are mixed with brass and metal finishes, while eclectic patterns are arranged for an evocative combination of style and whimsy. There is a large emphasis on personalization and unique touches which serve to truly make the space feel like an extension of the homeowner.

Art Deco Revival

NYC has an abundance of Art Deco architecture, and now this style has crept back into homes. Art Deco mixes classic designs with modern elements for a timeless, timeless end result. This style is all about the glitz and glamour of the Jazz Age. Geometric patterns, vibrant colours, and metallic finishes abound. Smoked mirrors, rich metals, and luxurious fabrics and textures add a touch of luxury to the home and are perfect for glamourous entertaining. As we continue to celebrate the roaring 20s, expect more Art Deco-inspired designs to take center stage.

Rustic Refinement

With so much hustle and bustle in the city, it’s always refreshing to come home to a warm and cozy space. The Rustic Refinement style transforms any city apartment into a haven of comfort and relaxation. With wooden furniture and large area rugs in earthy tones, this style creates a modern country aesthetic. Rich hues, such as burgundy, orange, and sage give it an autumnal color palette that makes you want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. Houseplants in rustic planters and oversized candles in glass lanterns add the perfect finishing touches to this homey style.

These are the 5 most popular remodeling styles in NYC at the moment. Whatever your preference, these styles mix and match each other and allow you to make your home truly unique. Happy decorating, NYC! Find extra information about the subject in this suggested external resource. kitchen renovation in nyc, continue your learning process!

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